Newton Family Portrait Session 2011-2018

The Newton Family have been some of my most loyal clients.  We have been sharing special milestone family moments together way back since 2011!!  One of my most favorite parts of my job is getting to reconnect year after year with people who started as clients and quickly became friends.  Sometimes we even develop our own little traditions – these kiddos know that at the end of each session I always have some kind of little surprise for them.  It all started when they were just babies and I wanted them to sit on a cute little chest, so I put little packages of fruit snacks inside of it! Now it’s become a tradition.  I just adore all their little personality quirks, pet names for each other, and seeing the sweet connections between each family member.

I can ALWAYS expect to get some fun and silly images from this little guy!  Newton Family – thank you, thank you for allowing me the privilege of entering into your most intimate family memories and be able to make time stand still for just a moment, and deliver it to you in such a tangible way.


A look back at years past…. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,


 I somehow missed blogging 2017, I didn’t even realize it until now.  It was late September, just two weeks after our daughter’s wedding.  It was perfect timing – the Newtons so graciously invited my husband and I for a weekend getaway to capture their annual portraits at their beach house this time!  It was such a lovely weekend away, not only did we get to see the beautiful Newton family, but we were able to have some time to reflect, rest and regroup after the whirlwind of the wedding – it was such a gift!   Here is a little peek of the session that somehow escaped the blog last year….

Erin so graciously offered to write a review for my new rebranding and relaunching of my business. I seriously have the best clients in the world…..

“Heather has been photographing my family since 2011; Preston and Jorja were 10 months old and Peyton was 2 ½. They are now almost 8 and 9 ½. She has captured not only their pictures but their personalities and true spirit year after year. Each year I make a photo book of the entire session and have my favorites printed on canvas’ and hang them throughout the house. They are among my most cherished possessions. Every year I am so grateful that Heather has captured my babies once again so I can always remember them just the way they were.

I can remember asking Heather the first 2 years when the children were babies “Do you think you at least got one for the Christmas Card”? She would reassure me that she did, and much to my surprise (based on how I thought the session went) within a week or so she would send me a link with 50-75 simply amazing photographs. My favorites are always the moments she catches when we did not know she was looking…Preston and Jorja blowing a wishy, Peyton walking on the pier, a pouty face, a look of wonder.

Throughout the years the children have become so comfortable with Heather that often times they forget she is even taking their picture. She knows their personalities, and even calls them by their nicknames. She is not only incredibly talented she is kind, gentle and thoughtful. Every year I think to myself, well there is no way we are going to top this next year and somehow, we do. My hope is that Heather will continue to capture my family year after year and when the time comes for one or all of them to walk down the aisle…she will be there as a friend and our photographer.”   Erin

Much Love and Until Next Year,


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