Phillips Family – Eden Mill Nature Center

The Phillips family is another one of my favorites that I have been photographing since the kids were so little! I just love watching those little ones grow up through my lens.   One of the very best things about this family in particular is the AMAZING parenting skills this momma and daddy have! It’s something I mention to them every year.  I mean we are all trying our best in this crazy world of parenting, but this couple should write a book!  Their twins and their little spunky youngest girl are just your regular normal happy kiddos, but watching their family interactions is always such a treat.  Mom and Dad are just so super chill and just let their kids be kids, while maintaining a respect from them that is so admirable.  We always get the best photos because everyone is so calm and relaxed and just having fun hanging out in the woods, or at a waterfall or wherever we happen to be! This year the weather was kind of dreary and overcast, but I love how moody their images turned out and so full of rich color.  Here is a peek at their latest family session this fall, and then at the end is a peek back at lots of other images all the way back to 2013!  It was so good to see you again Phillips Family – until next time!! (Ya’ll really should think about writing a parenting book!)

A few family photos dating back from 2013!

The Twins!

and the spunky little miss 🙂

Much Love,


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